The Well Heeled English Springer Spaniel


Toby is sporting his new MyOneLeash. 

The problem with Springers is, well, they  "spring"  after squirrels, chipmunks, birds, other dogs, etc. This creates a problem with normal leads fastened  only around their necks. Being able to appropriately restrain them around their thorax means that the collar is less of a noose resulting in better control around the dog’s chest. From now on, 

I won’t walk Toby without it!  

-- J. Kevin Murphy, New York City

Myoneleash A big HIT at 2nd chance Pet Adoption Event


We recently participated at 2nd Chance Pet Adoptions Racing for Rescues 2019 event in Raleigh, NC.  A very worthy organization and event and of note MyOneLeash was used to walk under control some of the dogs up for adoption by 2nd Chance.  Also with over 500 participants there were quite a few MyOneLeashes seen being used by owners utilizing the "hands free feature" to walk and run with their dogs.  For more information about the work of 2nd Chance Pet Adoptions visit their website:


customer's Positive feedback for ease of use and convenience


Feedback from another new customer:  We like the leash.  It is easy to use and convenient.  Note that Butter Cup, a Bichon Frise, is able to wear her existing collar and her new MyOneLeash at the same time.  Also how MyOneLeash easily adjusts to fit any size or shape dog.

- Brad Schnell, Missouri

"walks like an Angel" results after using myoneleash for the very first time


WOW what a great Product!
We purchased 2 large MyOneLeashes at the Second Chance run at Dorothy Dix.  Honestly we did not try them until this past weekend, when we arrived at Hatteras for vacation with 4 of our 5 dogs.  Stella my pit mix, has been kept on a prong collar with an electric collar since shortly after she was rescued. With this new collar, harness, lead combo, that’s all she needs! I was VERY SKEPTICAL! Boy was I wrong! 
She walks like an 😇 angel!

-- Holly Briggs, Raleigh NC

Finding the right "no pull" leash/harness for more enjoyable walks

Golden Doodle walks with MyOneLeash without pulling

I have had trouble finding the right leash  for walking my energetic golden doodle  (Lady). She is bad about pulling when she gets excited and our walks were not enjoyable for me. After trying MyOneLeash, first as a harness and converting to a collar when she stopped pulling has made our walks so much more enjoyable. Its very convenient to throw on in a rush or for a long journey if needed and she responds great to it !!!  

Thank you MyOneLeash for your amazing product.

--Cassandra Long,  Sunset Beach, NC

Not just for dogs..."The leashes are PERFECT for the pigs! Absolutely PERFECT!!!"


I have been using different harnesses for the pigs for years, as they have grown out of at least 6 sizes.  This harness allows for them to grow normally and fit comfortably.  This harness/leash combination made it easy to get on (MUCH easier than any other harness I have ever used!) and I had no trouble getting them to walk with them.  It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!   Definitely a market there!  As well as goats.  I can use mine on all my critters!  I have been very happy with it! 

-- Dr Page Wages, Veterinarian, Raleigh, NC

Independent Product Review of MyOneLeash