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Start a Dog Walking Group

Walking is one of the best exercises that you can do at any age and to go walking with your dog is great exercise and a real joy for both you and your best friend.  Of course you can always go walking with just you and your best friend but why not also start a group dog walk on a regular basis with your friends who have dogs (or even if they don't (they might decide they want one and adopt a rescue)).  A group of us guys here  in town, all now recently retired, decided to take up dog walking at the art museum park.  We go twice a week early in the morning year round. 

The dogs, ranging in size from a small long haired dachshund 1 year old to an 8 year old golden retriever to a 12 year old schihtzu.  All get along splendidly and greet each other at the start of the walk,, walk smartly on the trail and lay down as the guys sit and talk and solve the world's problems after the walk is over.  All in all a most enjoyable experience.  So why not form a group, select a spot or different places and a time and go walk with all your friends..  Just remember to be courteous with cleanup duties and to use a safe and secure leash, like MyOneLeash.  Happy Dog Walking!!