An INNOVATIVE, ingenious dog LeASH and collar ...


MyOneLeash is uniquely designed (patent pending) to be the one and only "go to" leash you'll need for securely walking your best friend under control.   MyOneLeash replaces and eliminates the need for a separate collar, leash and harness.  MyOneLeash works as both a leash and a collar with one continuous strap (no multiple connection "points of failure"). The collar easily adjusts to a proper fit around your dog's neck for any size dog and once set is securely fixed in place (no tightening like a choke collar or slip lead). The collar is quickly removed when needed

that easily converts into a "no pull" harness...


then with the option to easily and quickly convert MyOneLeash on demand into a harness to control pulling and resistance.  Depending on what harness option works best for your dog use as: 

  1. a collar/leash plus harness with back control lead 
  2. a collar/leash plus harness with chest control lead 
  3. a harness/leash (no collar)
  4. a traditional slip lead with collar

See User Guide for simple instructions on all of the possible configurations  and  also view the Demonstration Videos on this web site.

To Securely Walk any size Dog under control...


MyOneLeash is simple to use and very versatile.  It is fully adjustable to fit any size or shape dog. It may be used as a leash/collar with harness options to walk your dog from a puppy to a grown dog. MyOneLeash is an excellent training tool to help control pulling or resistance from your dog . Multiple harness configurations to best fit your dog are possible. Also, a second handle may be formed which allows adjustment of the leash length or forming a cinched belt for hands free walking/running. In summary, MyOneLeash is a true multipurpose leash that works as a leash, a lead, a collar and a harness,  All in One!

MyOneLeash replaces the need for a separate leash, collar and harness at less than half the price and is available to be ordered directly online


Why MyOneLeash?

MyOneLeash is simple and effective. the only product NEEDed TO SECURELY WALK your dog under control


What it takes to walk your dog now..


Keeping track of and properly fitting separate collar, leash and harness with many connections (potential failure points)

All you need TO WALK YOUR DOG....

with an adjustable collar and harness that allows you to securely walk any size dog. Even two at one

With one secure, adjustable leash that includes a collar and when needed converts into a harness to walk your dog under control

Video of How MyOneLeash Works

Video instructions showing how MyOneLeash works and how easily you adjust the collar to fit and if needed convert to a "no pull" harness to securely walk your best friend under control

MyOneLeash User Guide

Download instructions on how to use MyOneLeash as a basic leash and collar and then to easily convert the leash into a harness to help control pulling and to securely walk your dog under control.

MyOneLeash User Guide (1) (pdf)